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Why Atrust

Posted by Stefan Lourens on

After 10 years of working with Thin Clients our journey has led us here. So, the question is then, Why Atrust? Because they gave us a distribution contract? Yes, that is true. But also, the idea from the very beginning was to find a reliable, cost effective and manageable solution that can hold their own against the European market leaders. I come from a technical background so our criteria for this was simple.

  1. Durability: Are the devices going to last the expected life cycle and longer of a Thin or Zero client. The answer was yes. Atrust backs that up with their warranty.
  2. Quality: The devices are solid. Short of standing on them (which I’m sure they will be able to withstand) I have poked and prodded every inch of their devices and it is well built.
  3. Size: It’s a thin client after all! Their Intel Quad Core midrange device which is the best seller is only 39.5mm thick and 143mm in height. Even with the foot stand on (which can also act as a vesa mount) it is still shorter than my Guinness can that I’m drinking from right now. (That was last night of course)
  4. Cost Effective: Atrust don’t just assemble their own devices but they also manufacture This allows for REAL savings to be passed on to the customers without compromising on quality.
  5. Management Software: Based on my history in the industry this was a big one for me. I am glad to say with all my testing I have yet to find something that I cannot do with the devices using the Atrust Device manager software.It’s secure, it pushes out the required settings on mass, firmware updates, shadow, reboot, shut down, WOL, SSL Certs and a whole bunch of other stuff. Feel free to see the short video I created on our YouTube channel for an example.
Atrust ticked all the boxes that are required for customers’ VDI projects and they have certainly proved that over the last decade.

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